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A free simple tool to help you add a copyright watermark to your own images
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Image Stamp performs a very simple operation, and it does it well. It can easily select hundreds of JPEG images and add a custom copyright watermark to each one of them, with the font, the size, the color, and at the exact position you want. If desired, the program will stamp your message in a copy of your image, leaving the original intact (the copy will retain the EXIF information embedded in the original file).

The stamping process is as clear, easy, and straightforward as the tool itself – you just type in the text (the program offers you a special key to add the copyright symbol), customize it with the appearance of your choice, select the image files or folders, and the whole stamping process is done fast and efficiently in seconds (provided a reasonable number of files and/or folders has been selected).

If you are not too meticulous about where in your photographs these copyright notices appear, or how they look, then you will find this an extremely useful and convenient tool. However, if you care about where the text will appear and how it will look, then it will take you a bit longer to mark all your images in exactly the way you want. Regrettably, this free tool includes no preview capabilities, so that you will need to do a few tests to find out if the desired size, font, color, level of transparency or opacity, and so on.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive and clear interface


  • It offers no preview capabilities, so the only way of checking if your settings are right is by taking a look at the final result
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